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2023 Class Schedule
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2022 Class Schedule


Friday, September 23, 1pm-2pm

Choosing, Caring For & Spinning on an Antique Wheel

Pegg Thomas, Instructor 

Cost: $ 25.00 / Student  

Materials Student May Bring:  Antique Wheel if you have one 

Skill Level: Beginner 

Students will learn to identify the different parts of an antique wheel, how to evaluate if an antique wheel is worth restoration, and the basics on how to refurbish an antique wheel for use 


Friday, September 23, 2:30pm-3:30pm

Hand Carding With Colors

Pegg Thomas, Instructor  

Cost:  $ 25.00 / Student:  includes dyed wool or bring your own dyed wool 

Materials Student Must Bring:  Hand Cards 

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Students will learn to use hand cards to blend colors and to create striped rolags to spin into variegated yarn.  Student must bring hand cards.


Saturday, September 24, 8:30am-11:30am

Knitting With Two Colors 

Stephanie Carrico, Instructor 

Cost:  $48.00 / Student:  which includes color handouts 


Materials Student Must Bring: Two or more colors of contrasting worsted weight wool and double pointed needles to match (size 5 – 8) 


Skill Level:  Intermediate

Learn and practice the two handed color technique that makes traditional Fair Isle knitting fly by. 

Students will work a small sample in the round which may be completed to make a child’s mitten.  

Steeking; the art of cutting your knitting to insert sleeves will also be demonstrated and explained.


Saturday, September 24, 9am-12pm

Needle Felted Pumpkins

Lisa Huberty, Instructor 

Cost:  $35.00 / Student:  which includes wool roving for one pumpkin


Materials Student may purchase: needles, needle organizer, and other materials from the instructor


Skill Level: Beginner

Celebrate the arrival of autumn and tickle your senses and your sense of humor by learning how to needle felt pumpkins with wool fiber sourced from Michigan and Wisconsin.  Participants will learn basic needle felting techniques.  All tools, materials, and instruction will be provided for you to complete one pumpkin (approximately 6 inches tall). Safety caution: needle felting is accomplished by poking wool fiber with a barbed needle.


Saturday, September 24, 12pm-1:30pm

Shawl Knitting Without a Safety Net

Pegg Thomas, Instructor   

Cost: $25.00 / Student 


Student Must Bring: Three skeins of yarn (can be partial or leftover balls); three knitting needles (circular are fine) that compliment the yarn; stitch markers 

Skill Level: Advanced 

Students will learn the basic construction of a triangle, asymmetrical, and crescent shawl, as well as different techniques for beginning, increasing, and binding off  and how to  incorporate different stitch patterns within a shawl. 


Saturday, September 24, 2pm-4:30pm

Basic Broom Making

Nancy Binkowski, Instructor 


Cost: $60.00 / Student -  All materials included 

Skill Level:  Beginner 

Students will be making brooms – a round scrubber, a small whisk broom and a short handled (hearth) broom. 


Sunday, September 25, 8:30am-11:30am

Toe up Sock Recipe

Stephanie Carrico, Instructor 

Cost: $60.00 / Student – Includes color print out of Toe up Sock recipe (pattern) and tips 


Materials students must bring: Worsted weight yarn in a light color and a set of  five double point needles to match ( size 5 – 7) 


Skill level: Intermediate – have knit at least one sock of any kind & be comfortable knitting with double point needles in the round. 

In this class you will work through an easy to remember method of knitting a toe up sock to produce a baby size sock in class. The recipe allows you to size a sock to fit any foot without a gauge swatch.  Along the way decades worth of toe up sock knitting tips will be shared and some of the many alternatives in toe and heels will be discussed. 

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