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2024 Classes

Modular Knitting


Ditch the top down/bottom up knitting mentality and learn to turn your knitting on its head (or its side).  Modular knitting allows for endless color and texture possibility in small easy to work modules.

While knitting a hot pad from the supplied kit, you will explore the basics of edge treatment and joining as you go used in all forms of modular knitting, also learn to weave in ends as you knit.

Mitered squares, strip knitting, and U-turn rectangles make up the hot pad knit in class, other module forms like shells and triangles will be discussed as well as the various ways to play with all the modules.

Latvian Braids

latvian braid.png

These two color braids march across your knitting adding a pop of color and texture with a simple 3 row technique.  They make a delightful addition to your stranded knitting or a simple way to add color without complicated color work.

In this class a kit will be provided to work 2 samples; one knitted flat, the other in the round which can be finished into a bracelet and a cup cozy or wrist warmer.  Along the way we will explore how to march the braids to the left or the right, how to hide the joins when knitting in the round, and how color and weight of yarn affects the finished braid.

Dye Lab


Take your fiber artistry to the next level, learn to dye wool or silk at home for a custom color or one of a kind skein.

This class will cover the basic safety and set up to dye fiber at home.  Students will have the opportunity in class to dye 4 mini skeins either by basic immersion dying or one of the  painted skein techniques.

Utilizing Acid Dye Transfer for Fabric Collage

Utilizing dye transfer from silk ties and sari silks, students will design their own piece on either a wool fat quarter or a silk scarf (supplied).

This is an endlessly creative process with little risk from either acid dyes or mess making spills.  Students are free to bring their own ties (labeled 100% silk) or use what’s available in class.


3D Needle Felted Turkey

 Stands about 9” tall , has weighted feet giving us an opportunity to work with a bit of armature and other techniques in addition to needle felting ,we will do a little wet felting too!


Dryer Balls

Decorate a set of 3 dryer balls (pre-made by your instructor)  using a variety of materials including pre felts, yarns and roving.

 Dryer balls increase dryer efficiency,  and last forever. Why shouldn't they be lovely too? 


Colorful Bowl 

These bowls are started on a class mold with a wood base. You will pick a style and your color of choice. This is a great basket to weave if you have never made one before. Class is about 6 hours long, but there will be plenty of time for lunch and shopping. 

Colorful Bowls.JPEG

Plaid Storage 

This is a great basket to store many things. It is a simple weave, but your choice of color overlays makes it pop. 

This will be a full day class, but there will be time for shopping and lunch. 

Plaid storage.jpg

Large Tote Basket with Leather Handles 

 Weave this lovely large basket on Friday and shop with it all weekend.
It will hold a lot! The basket has a filled in bottom so your goodies won't fall 

out. There will be a choice of colors, and several sizes of leather handles to coordinate. 

Tote Basket with Leather Handles.jpg

Basic Broom Making

Students will be making brooms – a round scrubber, a small whisk broom, and a short-handled (hearth) broom.

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